Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz Responds To Senator John Kerry’s Remarks

Ruben Diaz

September 10, 2008

          New York State Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) shares the sentiment of many American families who have loved ones serving in the military and in Iraq who believe that US Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) owes them an apology for his recent remarks.

          Earlier this week, Senator Kerry told City College students in California that if they did not attend college and do well, their only alternative would be a future fighting as a soldier in Iraq.

          According to Senator Diaz, "Both college-educated as well as high school graduates are motivated by the highest level of public service which is service in the military and especially in active combat. For a former serviceman to denigrate the degree of sacrifice and dedication to their country that active servicemen in this volunteer army of the United States all share in common is to disgrace the honor of their service and commitment."

          Senator Rev. Diaz’s granddaughter, Erica Diaz, recently joined the United States Marines Corps. Like many of her fellow Marines, Ms. Diaz made this decision despite her family’s reservations, but out of her great love and respect for the United States. Ms. Diaz has proudly joined the doctors, attorneys, policemen, engineers and other Americans who have offered to serve our country in the military and may be deployed to Iraq.

          On behalf of his family and all families who love and support the enlisted who are serving in Iraq - and their loved ones who have died in Iraq - Senator Rev. Diaz joins Americans who call for Senator Kerry to apologize.

          For further information, please contact Senator Rev. Diaz at 718/991-3161.