Ruth Hassell-Thompson

May 19, 2008

Hello Mama Ruth,

I am so impressed for the award which you gave me.  Actually I should have  written to thank you immediately I returned from the USA but I was so much  involved in the campaigning to get the nod from my delegates for the MP  ship which I made mentioned to you.  Unfortunately I lost but I think  there are a lot things I can do to help my District.

I know you have confidence in me as a woman and I have also drawn a lot of  inspirations from you for the short time that we met.

As you know, hardly our people here in Africa accepts a woman in  leadership roles, but the impact I made during my campaigning, has been  registered in their minds.  I don't want to relax here.  I   would like to  play a significant role in the lives of my people in my District.

Mama Ruth, right now as I am writing, I have taken you as my mentor and I  want you to steer me to the right direction to make the needed impact on  my people.  I have also attached a News Paper copy of the publication of the award in  New York.  I have also talked a lot about to my aspiring president and the  present one.  I am looking forward to build a relationship between  yourself and them.  Hope to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much.
Best regards.

Nancy Sam.