Senator Hassell-Thompson Invites Qualified Applicants To Take NYPD Entrance Exam

Ruth Hassell-Thompson

June 25, 2007

State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D-Bronx/Westchester) today encouraged qualified Bronx and Westchester County residents to sign up for October’s New York Police Department Entrance Examination. The deadline to apply for the free examination is September 15.

"There are few people in the world, let alone America, who do not know the letters ‘N-Y-P-D,’" said Senator Hassell-Thompson. "Based on its long history of service and heroism, the New York Police Department is widely recognized as the world’s premier crime-fighting force.

"By applying for the entrance exam, you could be well on your way to a career that is uniquely rewarding, and can open the door to greater opportunities," Senator Hassell-Thompson added.

To be appointed as a NYC Police Officer, a candidate must:

• have reached their twenty first birthday on their date of hire;

• have 60 college credits with a 2.0 G.P.A. from an accredited
college or university,

• or two years of full-time military service in the United States
Armed Forces with an honorable discharge and the equivalent
of a high school diploma;

• on the day of appointment, possess a valid, unrestricted New
York State Driver’s License and reside in New York City or
one of the surrounding counties, including: Nassau, Suffolk,
Orange, Putnam, Westchester, and Rockland.

After a candidate has passed the written examination, he or she must also pass a characterand background examination, oral psychological and written exam, drug and alcohol screening, medical physical and physical agility test.

Applications are available at any large library throughout the City; any Department of Labor office; any Police Precinct, Transit Bureau or Police Service area. Qualified applicants may also request an application by calling 212-RECRUIT (212-732-7848), or apply on-line at

The phone number and web site also provide information on free tutorial classes to help candidates strengthen their testing skills. Classes are available in every borough. A free test preparation kit is also available on the NYPD website.

Policing provides a real opportunity to make a tangible difference, the Bronx/Westchester lawmaker said.

"By protecting neighbors and strangers alike, you know that you are doing your part to make New York City a safer place to live, work and visit," Senator Hassell-Thompson concluded. "More importantly, you become part of a team that is as diverse as the City itself. It’s a demanding job that requires sacrifice, but if you have the desire to serve and protect, I urge you to apply to join ‘The Finest.’"