Senator Hassell-Thompson: March Into Women's History Month

Ruth Hassell-Thompson

March 10, 2008

National celebration focuses on notable women who shaped American history

In recognition that knowledge of women’s history provides a clear vision of what women can do, State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D-Bronx/Westchester) today said, "Now is the time to reflect on the accomplishments of women from the past and to celebrate the road they have paved for the women of tomorrow."

March is designated as Women’s History Month.

Senator Hassell-Thompson noted that women represent some of the most accomplished individuals in the history of our state and nation, providing a legacy of historic achievements in all fields of human endeavor. "Women’s History Month is also an opportunity to educate men, women and children about our past and present struggles to secure equality and respect," he said.

"Women continue to inspire us with their acts of courage, innovation and leadership. I believe each and every woman has the ability to be great in her own way," she added. "What began 20 years ago as a week-long effort to recognize the accomplishments of women has grown into a month of reflection on the relevance of women in today’s society."

Senator Hassell-Thompson also said New Yorkers can learn more about women’s contributions to education, medicine, the arts, commerce, women’s suffrage and the early civil rights movement by visiting nearby places where New York women made history.

"Women today are shaping the future of our state and our nation," Senator Hassell-Thompson concluded. "I urge you to take a moment this month to pay tribute to the remarkable women who have brought us this far, and consider, too, how much further we can go."

A brochure on Women’s History Month, including a statewide travel itinerary of historic places, is available by calling Senator Hassell-Thompson’s district office at (718) 547-8854.