Bill would force Amigone to move crematory or shut it down (The Buffalo News)

Stephen T. Watson - The Buffalo News

July 04, 2022

Originally published in The Buffalo News on July 04, 2022.

Photo Credit: The Buffalo News

State lawmakers, frustrated with the ongoing presence of a crematory next to a residential neighborhood, passed a law last year giving Amigone Funeral Home the ability to move the facility elsewhere in the Town of Tonawanda.

But Amigone hasn't acted.

So now the lawmakers want to force Amigone's hand by passing another law.

Earlier this year, lawmakers introduced legislation to give Amigone six months to relocate its Sheridan Park Crematory – or lose the exemption that has allowed the crematory to remain open.


"We're hoping that the thought of losing their permit might get them to take action," added State Sen. Sean Ryan, D-Buffalo. "Because, certainly, the cooperative effect of allowing them to move has not spurred them to move. Now we're going to switch to forcing them to move or simply stop the crematory business on Sheridan."

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