Proposed $2.12 million trail in Town of Tonawanda aims to be path to safety and community wellness (The Buffalo News)

Harold McNeil - The Buffalo News

August 10, 2022

Originally published in The Buffalo News on August 10, 2022.

Over the past 15 years, federal, state and local governments have increased their investment in new pedestrian walkways and bike lanes, with the burgeoning network of interconnected trails leading to a path not only for safer travel but also for community wellness.


State Sen. Sean Ryan said the future of transportation planning in New York must take into account more than just the needs of those operating passenger vehicles. Pedestrians, bicyclists and those who use public transportation have to be part of the equation, too. As part of that effort, the aim of the new trail will be to create a new route to safely connect bicyclists and pedestrians to Isleview Park, the Niagara River and New York's Empire State Trail, he said.


"We've seen since the pandemic, more and more people are out and using the outdoors. The policy we've had in New York State for over a decade is when we look at roads, we don't look at them as just for cars. We look at a multimodal concept," Ryan said. 

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