New York lawmakers assess school Foundation Aid in public forum

December 05, 2019

Originally published in Times Union on December 05, 2019.

Members of the state Senate's Democratic majority heard a range of views on Tuesday at a public hearing in Manhattan on the state's education funding formula, known as Foundation Aid, which has been in place since 2007.
Advocates calling for full funding of the formula noted that high-needs school districts, particularly those that primarily serve black and Latino students, continue to be shortchanged by what they see as the state's failure to meet its obligation under the CFE decision.

State Sen. Shelly Mayer, who hosted Tuesday's hearing, re-committed to making sure districts were reimbursed for the aid they are owed.

"That fact is a given and is the underpinning for the conversation today," Mayer said. "We will continue to fight throughout the budget to get what is owed so that all students in the state can get the services they need."