Senator Mayer's Bill Seeks Coyote Management Plan from DEC [Legislative Gazette]

Originally published in Legislative Gazette on March 28, 2019.

A bill passed by the Senate on Wednesday (S.2100) would require the state Department of Environmental Conservation to respond to the increasing presence of coyotes in urban and suburban areas across New York state.

The bill sponsor, Shelly Mayer, D-Yonkers, says a rapidly growing number of coyotes has posed new challenges for those living in urban and suburban areas, as well as law enforcement.

My own experience in my district in Yonkers points to the need for a highly sophisticated response to address understandable concerns of suburban homeowners,” Mayer said.

Specifically, this bill would require the DEC to prepare a report on both current and potential coyote management practices, as well as other effective methods of preparing residents for managing the growing coyote population.