Yonkers Celebrates Gun Violence Legislation [Yonkers Times]

Originally published in Yonkers Times on January 09, 2020.

This legislation is modeled on the successful City of Yonkers’ Gun Buyback Program, and authorizes the New York State Police to establish guidelines and regulations to encourage the creation of gun buyback programs throughout the state. The new law also creates a statewide gun buyback fund to assist municipalities with the cost of the program.

Mayer said, thanks to the leadership of Stewart-Cousins, New York State is a leader in gun violence prevention measures to protect families and communities from the scourge of gun violence.

“I am grateful that one of the measures that we passed this year in the State Legislature was my bill to take the successful Yonkers’ Gun Buyback Program statewide,” she said. “The loss of Michael Nolan was a tragedy for his family and for the City of Yonkers. I commend the Nolan family for channeling their deep grief into positive action. Congratulations to the Yonkers Police Department for creating a unique, reliable and successful gun buyback program that will now be used as a model statewide.”