Saland Announces Two State Grants For The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

Stephen M. Saland

March 26, 2009

A $50,000 grant for the installation of Mobile Data Terminals in Sheriff’s Office vehicles will allow officers to complete required paperwork in the field, allowing them more time to patrol, thus enhancing public safety. An additional $50,000 grant will allow the purchase of LiveScan equipment for the Sheriff’s Civil Office. LiveScan provides for inkless digital fingerprinting, allowing those fingerprints to be instantly transmitted electronically, a much faster process than using inked fingerprint cards.
“It is vitally important for the Sheriff’s Office to cut down on paperwork, which takes valuable time away from patrols and investigations,” said Senator Saland. “Allowing officers and investigators to complete and forward their paperwork using Mobile Data Terminals in their vehicles rather than traveling back to the office keeps them in the field longer, where the public needs them. Additionally, traditional inked fingerprints have become a thing of the past in this digital age. The use of a LiveScan digital fingerprinting system in the Civil Office, in addition to the system already in place in the Law Enforcement Division, will greatly enhance their ability to process fingerprints for civil applications such as certain jobs and licenses but also help with criminal fingerprinting. I’m glad I was able to secure these two grants”.

Columbia County Sheriff David Harrison, Jr. said, “The funds that Senator Saland has secured for LiveScan and Patrol Data Terminals will allow members of the Sheriff’s Office access to the latest information and technology while conducting their duties. His many years of dedication to the public safety of Colombia County has been more than just being our state representative, he has invested himself in our communities.”