Saland Condemns Closure Of Hudson Correctional Facility On Cable Channel 11 (with Video)

Stephen M. Saland

February 12, 2008

Senator Steve Saland (R,I,C Poughkeepsie) was interviewed by reporter Jim Riley on a Special Edition of All the Right Connections on Mid-Hudson Cable’s Channel 11. The interview focused on the Governor’s proposal to close the Hudson Correctional Facility (HCF). It can be seen on Channel 11 until February 24, 2008 as follows:

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Senator Saland has been vocal about his opposition to the Governor’s proposal. He held a press conference with Assemblyman Marc Molinaro (R,I,C Tivoli), Hudson Mayor Richard Scalera, Chairman of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors Art Baer and numerous local officials and union representatives to express his outrage. He publicly questioned NYS Department of Corrections Commissioner Brian Fischer about the closure at a forum attended by close to 450 HCF people in Hudson on January 29th. The following day he continued his questioning of the Commissioner at a public hearing held by the NYS Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee.

"As I have said before, the Governor’s decision is perplexing," said Senator Saland. "Closing a facility which is operating near full capacity and is a major employer in Columbia County makes no sense. The closure would deal a crushing blow to our local economy with hundreds of correctional employees and their families uprooted and forced to leave their homes, their families and their friends. Neither the numbers nor the justification for closing the Hudson Correctional Facility stand up to scrutiny. The reasons for keeping it open far exceed the rationale offered for closing it," Saland concluded.

The program was produced by Mid-Hudson Media as a public service by Mid-Hudson Cable. Viewers can also see the interview by clicking on the following link: