Senator Saland And Senator Leibell Join Dutchess County Sheriff's Office To Announce Funding Secured

Stephen M. Saland

June 02, 2006

Senator Steve Saland (R,C Poughkeepsie) and Senator Vincent Leibell (R,C Patterson) was joined today by Sheriff Adrian Anderson and Sgt. Robert Monaco to announce $21,972 in funding that was secured to purchase bulletproof vests for deputies in the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office.

"Every day, law enforcement personnel put their lives on the line to ensure our safety. As part of our obligation to provide public safety, we must do all we can to make sure that law enforcement at all levels has the tools to protect and serve their communities," said Senator Saland. "This money will be invaluable in providing additional safety and a greater degree of security for the brave men and women of the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office and to their families awaiting their safe return. I will continue to work on behalf of departments in my district to secure the funding for the resources they need."

"One of government's primary functions is to ensure public safety which is accomplished in Dutchess County with the hard work of Sheriff Anderson and the women and men of the Dutchess County Sheriff's Department. I am pleased to work closely with my colleague Senator Saland to ensure that they have the necessary equipment to carry out their jobs in the safest manner possible" says Senator Leibell.

"We greatly appreciate Senator Saland and Senator Leibell's assistance in securing this funding for these bulletproof vests," said Sheriff Anderson. "We've experienced a real need for more manpower and resources over the last couple of years and this additional funding allowed us to order 39 vests for our department, including 17 vests for new deputies and 22 replacements for existing deputies. Manufacturer and government standards suggest bulletproof vests be replaced every five years because the material they are made from breaks down and older vests loose their effectiveness. We thank the senators for their assistance in providing this equipment that will leave us better able to protect our officers who respond to emergencies in Dutchess County."