Senator Saland Announces Value Of School Property Tax Rebate Checks

Stephen M. Saland

August 29, 2006

Senator Steve Saland (R,C Poughkeepsie) today announced the amounts of property tax relief rebate checks that will be sent to Columbia and Dutchess County homeowners this fall. The checks were the centerpiece of the Senate's effort to provide real property tax relief to homeowners during this year's budget negotiations.

Saland said that the values of homeowners' school property tax rebate checks were calculated by the state Department of Taxation and Finance, and vary based on the tax rates of individual school districts. The Department is expected to make an official announcement about the rebate check values early next week.

"I am pleased that the rebate program, which I announced last December as a Senate Majority initiative, has been signed into law by the Governor will be delivered directly to the mailboxes of overburdened taxpayers," said Senator Saland. "Homeowners, especially those who are on fixed incomes, will welcome this much needed relief. I am sure that these rebate checks, in addition to the previously enacted STAR savings, will help ease some of the burden on homeowners," Saland continued.

Saland noted that homeowners already enrolled in the STAR school property tax relief program will automatically receive rebate checks. Homeowners who have not yet enrolled in STAR -- but who are eligible -- may still enroll and will receive this year's rebate checks and will be enrolled in STAR in future years. Seniors who meet income eligibility requirements under the "Enhanced STAR" program will receive a larger rebate check amount that is 67 percent more than the regular rebate.

In total, the Senate's school property tax relief program will provide $970 million in savings to homeowners across the state, according to the Division of the Budget. The timing of the school property tax relief checks' arrival -- expected by October 31 -- follows shortly after the due date for most school tax bills.

"While the need to reform the current funding system remains, this tax rebate program builds on the STAR program and, most importantly, returns monies directly to taxpayers," said Saland.

In Columbia and Dutchess Counties, homeowners will receive the following school property tax rebate check amounts:

Additional information about the program, including a list of "frequently asked questions," will be available shortly on the Tax Department website,