Senator Saland Named As Senate Chair Of The Education Budget Conference Subcommittee

Stephen M. Saland

January 31, 2005

Senator Steve Saland (R-C, Poughkeepsie) today announced that Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno has appointed him Senate Chair of the Education Budget Conference Subcommittee. Senator Saland will chair the first subcommittee meeting today.

"I am honored to have been chosen to chair the Senate Education Budget Conference Subcommittee," said Senator Saland. "The education portion of the budget is always among the biggest challenges in the budget process. I look forward to beginning that process and, hopefully, its timely conclusion."

There are nine joint conference subcommittees established to address budget issues. The other eight subcommittees include: Human Services, Health, Public Protection, Transportation/Agriculture/Environment/Housing, General Government/Local Assistance, Higher Education/Arts, Mental Hygiene, and Taxes/Economic Development. Senator Saland has previously served as Senate Chair of the Human Services Budget Conference Subcommittee.