Senator Saland Responds To 2006 State Of The State Address

Stephen M. Saland

January 04, 2006

Senator Steve Saland (R,C Poughkeepsie) responded today to Governor Pataki’s 2006 State of the State Address.

"The State of the State by its very nature is always painted in broad strokes," said Senator Saland. "We obviously await the details."

"I am, however, pleased that the Governor expressed support for a program to rebate a portion of property taxes to homeowners," said Senator Saland. "A few weeks ago the Senate Majority announced a rebate program in response to reports of homeowners, particularly senior citizens struggling to keep up with the rising property tax burden. It is encouraging to hear that the Governor supports this concept."

"I am pleased that the Governor proposed a heating fuel tax credit for seniors now struggling to meet rising home heating costs," said Senator Saland.

"I look forward to seeing more details on this proposal."

"The Governor continues his commitment to keeping dangerous sexual predators off of our streets," said Senator Saland. "The Senate will continue to encourage the adoption of civil confinement laws for sexual predators as we strenghthen Meghan’s Law."

"Maintaining the quality of education will continue to be my top priority this session," said Senator Saland, Chair, Senate Education Committee. "I will again work to be certain that our local school districts are adequately funded. I am pleased that the Governor remains committed to providing additional funding to high-needs schools throughout New York State."

"I support Governor Pataki’s efforts to explore the use of renewable fuels in New York State," said Senator Saland. "

"The Senate Majority remains committed to working with the Governor toward an on time budget," said Senator Saland.

"The devil is as always in the details," said Senator Saland. "I look forward to learning more about the particulars of these proposals in the coming weeks."