Senator Saland Responds To 2007 State Of The State Address

Stephen M. Saland

January 04, 2007

Senator Steve Saland (R,C Poughkeepsie), responded today to Governor Spitzer's 2007 State of the State Address.

"The 2007 State of the State Address marks the beginning of a new year and a new administration and I am encouraged that the Governor and I share some similar views for the future of New York State including property tax relief, investment in education, health care reform, job creation and overall government reform" said Senator Saland. "I look forward to facing the challenges that await us and I am confident of what can be accomplished this legislative session."

"I am pleased that the Governor called for a plan to provide additional property tax relief. This important initiative will allow people to hold on to more of their hard-earned money."

"Maintaining the quality of education will continue to be a top priority this session," said Senator Saland, Chair, Senate Education Committee. "I will work to ensure that new investment is made in our education system so that we may continue to provide the first-class education that our children deserve."

"It is encouraging to hear the Governor's proposal to reform our health care system. A fundamental restructuring of this system is urgently needed in order to reduce costs, combat rampant fraud, and expand the health care system in order to provide coverage to all New Yorkers."

"I look forward to seeing the Governor's plan to expand the Stewart Airport to become the fourth major airport in the Downstate region. This important proposal will serve as an important economic catalyst to the region and will bring much-needed jobs to the Hudson Valley."

"The Governor maintains his commitment to making State government more open and accountable. This vital proposal builds upon the Legislature's recent reform efforts to strengthen transparency and accountability in order to reform State government."

"I am encouraged that Governor Spitzer has outlined an aggressive plan for New York State's future, but as always, the devil is in the details that he will provide when he presents his Executive Budget on January 31st. I look forward to learning about more about the specifics of these proposals in the coming weeks, and working to make this vision a reality."