Senator Saland Secures Over $700,000 For Columbia County Highway And Infrastructure Improvements

Stephen M. Saland

November 13, 2007

Senator Steve Saland (R,I,C Poughkeepsie) today announced he has secured $736,740 in state Multi-Modal Transportation Program funding for highway and infrastructure improvements in Columbia County.

The Multi-Modal program provides reimbursement for eligible transportation projects for local highway, bridge, rail, aviation and port development. All of the projects are considered to be high priorities by the municipalities that submitted them, and have already received preliminary approval from the NYS Department of Transportation.

"Maintaining our roads, bridges and other transportation avenues is not just a quality of life issue, it is a safety issue," said Senator Saland. "Whether we use our private vehicles or public transportation, we all depend on having a safe infrastructure. And businesses cannot function without being able to ship and receive goods reliably. We have all shuddered when seeing news reports of tragic accidents attributable to deteriorating roadways and bridges. I am very pleased I was able to secure this funding so local governments can keep their infrastructure safe without having to balance their transportation budgets on the backs of local taxpayers," Saland continued.

Many local roads in Columbia County are in need of repair. Unfortunately, infrastructure repair projects are extremely expensive and local governments find it difficult to afford the cost without help. The fourth round of the Multi-Modal Transportation Program was authorized by the Legislature in 2005 and is designed to meet the infrastructure repair needs of local governments on a reimbursement basis.

City of Hudson
Repair Fairview Avenue $68,220

Town of Ancram
Repair Hall Hill Road $40,680

Town of Austerlitz
Repair Dugway Road $39,420

Town of Canaan
Replace culvert between two bodies of water $37,080

Town of Chatham
Repair Rock City Road $65,160

Town of Claverack
Project to be determined $46,260

Town of Clermont
Repair Moores Road $13,860

Town of Copake
Repair Birch Hill Road $38,880

Town of Gallatin
Replace culvert $31,320

Town of Germantown
Repair Palatine Park Road $17,280

Town of Ghent
Repair Metz Road $50,220

Town of Greenport
Project to be determined $22,320

Town of Hillsdale
Replace culverts $51,480

Town of Kinderhook
Project to be determined $36,000

Town of Livingston
Repair Bells Pond Road $37,080

Town of New Lebanon
Repair Wadsworth Road $31,140

Town of Stockport
Repair Van Buren Road $12,960

Town of Stuyvesant
Repair Eichy Bush Road $21,240

Town of Taghanic
Repair List-By-Pass Road $35,280

Village of Chatham
Repair of Rte. 295 $12,060

Village of Kinderhook
Repair of Hudson Street $11,700

Village of Philmont
Replacement of guard rails on Highland Avenue and project to be determined $8,820

Village of Valatie
Project to be determined $8,280

Columbia County Total $736,740