Senator Saland's Legislation To Allow Hudson Easement Signed Into Law By Governor

Stephen M. Saland

August 29, 2006

Senator Steve Saland (R-C Poughkeepsie), today announced that the Governor has signed his legislation which would allow the City of Hudson to convey a permanent easement to the Hudson Power Boat Association for the purpose of connecting a utility easement to the City's sewer line (S.8407).

Recently, local officials from the City of Hudson requested the legislation in order to convey a permanent easement over and under the lands located in Waterfront Park. In turn, the Hudson Power Boat Association will restore the surface of the lands and the lands will continue to be used for park purposes once the construction is completed.

"We certainly appreciate that Senator Saland, on short notice, was able to get this legislation signed into law," said Hudson Mayor Richard Tracy. "Our focus in the last few years has been on finding ways to improve waterfront development in the City of Hudson. This legislation will allow us to form a partnership with the Hudson Power Boat Association that will ensure open space and public access to the river for future generations. We thank Senator Saland for recognizing the need to protect our natural treasure -- the scenic Hudson River."

"Preserving this waterfront a crucial step in safeguarding the Hudson River's scenic landscape and its local economy," said Senator Saland. "I have enjoyed working with Mayor Tracy to create legislation that will help preserve this historic waterfront so that we can all continue to enjoy our magnificent river heritage."