Senator Saland's Legislation Authorizing A Public Referendum On The East Fishkill Area Public Library Signed By The Governor

Stephen M. Saland

August 29, 2006

Senator Steve Saland (R,C Poughkeepsie) today announced that the Governor signed his legislation (S.7238) to permit the town of East Fishkill to present a public referendum for the establishment of the "East Fishkill Public Library". The town passed a resolution requesting that Senator Saland sponsor legislation allowing for this referendum, which is scheduled for a vote on September 21.

"As President of the Board of Trustees for the East Fishkill Library, I am truly grateful for Senator Saland's efforts in getting this bill signed into law by the Governor in time for the town to vote on this measure next Monday," said Judy Smith. "This legislation is extremely important for us, in that it gives us an alternative funding method that will be a more stable and dependable source. We are very appreciative of Senator Saland's commitment to our community libraries."

In order for the district to be created both the district and initial budget must be approved by voters. In addition to the initial budget, any future budget which increases or decreases the appropriation last approved by the voters must be voted on by residents within the library district.

By unanimous consent, both the East Fishkill Community Library Board of Trustees and the East Fishkill Town Board requested legislation to create the East Fishkill Public Library District. The East Fishkill Community Library was first chartered in 1938 to serve the hamlet of Fishkill Plains. Initially, the library was housed in the community chapel and, as the population increased, a larger facility was necessary. By 1983, the charter had been revised to include the entire town of East Fishkill and subsequently the library moved and expanded its facility again in order to serve the community.

"East Fishkill Community Library has historically shown its ability to respond to the community's growing needs," said Senator Saland. "I am very pleased that this legislation was signed by the Governor. Through the use of a referendum, the residents of East Fishkill will soon have the opportunity to vote on this library district and the initial budget, in order to appropriately reflect their wishes," said Senator Saland.