Senator Steve Saland Announces Passage Of Consumer Protection Legislation

Stephen M. Saland

June 18, 2008

In recent months, consumers across New York have received dubious solicitations for so-called "record retrieval services". These services offer to obtain a certified copy of the deed related to the consumer's property. One of these services operating in New York charges up to ninety dollars for a certified copy of a deed that can easily be obtained at the county clerk's office for significantly less, usually between four and twenty dollars.

“While most consumers will never need a certified copy of their deed, these companies solicit consumers and convince them they need the certified copy and offer to provide it at an inflated price,” said Senator Saland. “This bill simply requires that these companies provide the consumer with a written notice that they can obtain the document for a small fee at the county clerk’s office. This is one more tool to protect consumers from wasting their hard earned money.”