Senator Steve Saland Announces The Signing Of His Two Swimming Pool Safety Bills

Stephen M. Saland

July 25, 2007

Senator Steve Saland (R,I,C Poughkeepsie) today announced that two bills he introduced regarding swimming pool safety have been signed into law by the Governor.

Senate Bill 1092B will make swimming pools safer for homeowners and neighboring residents by requiring that a pool owner have a permanent enclosure erected within 90 days of the issuance of the building permit or the start of the installation of an in-ground swimming pool, whichever is later.

"Backyard swimming pools can provide fun and entertainment for family and friends, and most conform to regulations," said Senator Saland. "Tragedies can occur, however, when property owners fail to erect a permanent enclosure in a timely fashion. The Lentz family in Columbia County knows first hand how quickly a tragedy can occur -- their 2½ year old son Matthew drowned in a neighbor’s improperly fenced pool. We must do everything we can to prevent another child from suffering the same fate as Matthew -- the risk to children is just too great to wait another minute longer," Saland continued.

"If this bill can save the lives of other children, it was worth the two years of intensive collaboration with Senator Saland’s office to get to where we are today. Our family is appreciative of all those involved in assisting and supporting us and this bill," said Laura Lentz, mother of 2½ year old Matthew Lentz, whose tragic death led Senator Saland to introduce these bills.

Another Saland bill, S.5933, will require sellers and installers of swimming pools to notify consumers of NYS swimming pool barrier regulations and include the Internet address of the NYS Department of State where this information can be found on-line.

"These two measures together will help to make sure that property owners contemplating the installation of a swimming pool are aware of the regulations regarding pool installation and safeguard their pool with a permanent enclosure in a timely fashion. We should do nothing less to protect our children so other New York families will not have to endure the same tragedy as the Lentz family," Saland added.

Senate Bill 1092B takes effect immediately upon enactment and Senate Bill 5933 will take effect 90 days after enactment.