Senator Steve Saland Joined By Library Officials To Announce $238,200 For Dutchess County Libraries

Stephen M. Saland

August 29, 2006

Senator Steve Saland (R-C Poughkeepsie), Chairman of the New York State Senate Education Committee, the New York Library Association and directors from the Mid-Hudson Library System joined Senator Saland to announce funds the Senator secured for technology and capital improvements for Dutchess County libraries.

Senator Saland was able to help local libraries achieve their technology goals by delivering $238,200 to 16 libraries throughout Dutchess County. The grants are as follows:

Blodgett Memorial Library $13,118

Clinton Community Library $10,171

East Fishkill Community Library $20,059

Greater Poughkeepsie Library District $41,622

Grinnell Library Association $20,373

Howland Public Library $20,219

Hyde Park Free Library $16,118

LaGrange Association $15,174

Millbrook Free Library $10,506

Morton Memorial Library $ 8,474

Pleasant Valley Free Library $12,488

Red Hook Public Library $ 9,160

Staatsburg Library District $10,005

Stanford Free Library $ 9,957

Starr Library $11,890

Tivoli Free Library $ 8,866

"The New York Library Association greatly appreciates Senator Saland's support for libraries at the state and local level. During the State Budget process he played a key role in obtaining a nearly $20 million increase in state aid for library service across New York and now he has provided another significant package of aid to the public libraries in his district. Senator Saland is a true friend of the library community in New York," said Michael J. Borges, Executive Director of the New York Library Association.

"In addition to our homes and schools, libraries provide a strong foundation for learning for our communities," said Senator Steve Saland. "As Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, I am extremely pleased to have led the fight to increase funding to libraries and as a result, helped secure $2,265,332 in the 2006-07 state budget for the Mid-Hudson Public Library System and an additional $238,200 for technology and capital improvements for local libraries. For many years to come, students and adults who utilize the 16 libraries in Dutchess County in my district will reap the benefits from these centers of lifelong learning," said Senator Saland.