Statement By Senator Steve Saland On The Inauguration Of Governor David Paterson

Stephen M. Saland

March 17, 2008

Today, we witnessed the swearing in of David Paterson as our State’s 55th Governor. As noted in Governor Paterson’s comments, the first order of business is to pass a balanced budget. I embrace the opportunity to work with Governor Paterson, who as a former Senator, exhibited a fine intellect, a quick wit and respect for those of differing opinion.

The Governor and the Legislature are faced with a tremendous challenge -- the need to adopt a State Budget in the next few weeks while addressing a declining economy. I am encouraged by our new Governor’s commitment to working with the State Legislature and hope that in the spirit of building consensus, we will have a partner who is willing to reduce state spending, provide more flexibility for school and local governments, and move our state forward to economic recovery.