Senator Oppenheimer Announces Launch Of Children's Summer Reading Program

Suzi Oppenheimer

June 14, 2006

Saying that "reading is one of the most important, rewarding and enjoyable learning experiences for children," State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D- Mamaroneck) today announced that she is launching a children’s summer reading program to encourage youngsters to keep learning while school is out.

Senator Oppenheimer’s summer reading program promotes parent participation in the reading process, by encouraging families to read books together, and also suggesting activities that foster a reading "experience" such as planning family visits to the local public library, or joining together and forming a book club.

"Reading with your children not only helps them to learn, but is an opportunity for both parents and children to enjoy quality time together," Senator Oppenheimer said. "We all live in a hectic, fast-paced environment, where it is often difficult to take time to spend with family. This program not only promotes learning through reading, but also encourages family interaction in the process."

Senator Oppenheimer’s reading program places particular emphasis on the importance of public libraries, and the wealth of books and programming they provide the community. "Public libraries are ideal settings to introduce your children to the joys of reading and the wonderful world of books," said Senator Oppenheimer. "In addition, many public libraries provide summer programming geared toward young people, such as summer reading clubs and writing workshops. I encourage my constituents to use this valuable community resource."

Participation in Senator Oppenheimer’s reading program is easy, and upon successful completion, a New York State Senate "Excellence In Reading" Certificate will be awarded to children who read a certain number of books, or participate in reading-related activities over the summer.

All of the information regarding the summer reading program is outlined in a brochure available from Senator Oppenheimer‘s office. In addition to containing a suggested reading list, the brochure also lists sample reading "experiences" that parents can participate in with their children. It also includes a form which can be submitted to Senator Oppenheimer after the reading requirements are completed, which will enable children to receive the "Excellence in Reading" Certificate for their great achievement.

To obtain a copy of the summer reading brochure, or for further information on participating in the summer reading program, please contact Senator Oppenheimer’s office at 914-934-5226.