'Heroin addiction spikes in region' ~ Read more and find out where to get assistance

Thomas F. O'Mara

February 25, 2014

[UPDATE, June 23: Anti-heroin legislation signed into law, read more HERE]

[UPDATE, June 19: Senate goes first on approving anti-heroin package, and the Assembly follows suit later in the night, read more HERE]

[UPDATE, June 18: Senate, Assembly and governor reach agreement on anti-heroin legislation, read more HERE]

[UPDATE, June 16: Read Senator O'Mara's column, "The politics of heroin?", HERE]

[UPDATE, June 9: Senate approves anti-heroin legislation, read and watch more HERE]

[UPDATE, June 3: Senate moves forward on anti-heroin legislation, read more HERE]

[UPDATE, May 28: Senator O'Mara, task force colleagues issue report, legislative recommendations, read more HERE]

[UPDATE, May 16: Senator O'Mara brings the Task Force to Elmira to hear local input, read and watch more HERE]

[UPDATE, May 7: Senator O'Mara announces task force hearing in Elmira on May 16th, read more HERE]

[UPDATE, April 4: Senate Task Force on Heroin schedules statewide public hearings, read more HERE]

[UPDATE, March 17: Senator O'Mara joins new Senate Task Force on Heroin Addiction, read more HERE]

On this page throughout the past year, we've been steadily highlighting the resurgence of meth and the rise of heroin across the region. 

One local news report this week sounds that alarm again: "Heroin addiction spikes in region"

For more information and assistance throughout the counties comprising the 58th Senate District, visit:

Chemung County Department of Mental Hygiene's "Network of Care"

Schuyler County Community Services

Steuben County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services

Yates County Department of Community Services

See also,

Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services

Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County

New York State Office Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services