Legislature holds 2nd Annual 'Animal Advocacy Day' to raise awareness of animal cruelty issues

Thomas F. O'Mara

June 13, 2012

Albany, N.Y., June 13—State Senator Tom O’Mara (R-C, Big Flats) joined many of his legislative colleagues at the Capitol on Wednesday, June 13th for the Legislature’s 2nd Annual “New York State Animal Advocacy Day” to raise awareness of animal cruelty issues and the need to strengthen New York’s animal protection laws.

The event was held in the Well of the Legislative Office Building.  In the photo above, Senator O’Mara joined Simon, a colleague’s one-year-old pet cockapoo, and animal advocates and their pets to share information and promote the enactment of legislation including, among other initiatives, a proposal to require violators of “Buster’s Law,” the state’s landmark animal cruelty prevention law, to register with the state Department of Agriculture and Markets.

“We know that someone who will treat a pet or any other animal violently and cruelly will not hesitate to extend that violence and cruelty to a family member or another person,” said O’Mara, whose family pet is Titan, a seven-year-old Chocolate Labrador.  “Animal Advocacy Day is a great way raise awareness and, at the same time, brighten the halls of the Capitol with a great gathering of dogs, cats and other pets who bring great joy to many lives and who deserve our care, compassion and protection.” 

This year’s Animal Advocacy Day drew over 500 animal advocates from across New York State.