Listen to Senator O'Mara on WHCU radio's 'Newsmaker' interview on June 8: End-of-session overview and a renewed call to revoke Governor Cuomo's COVID-19 emergency powers (LISTEN)

Thomas F. O'Mara

June 08, 2021

Originally published in NYS Senate on June 08, 2021.

Senator O'Mara discusses the closing week of this year's legislative session and the need to end Governor Cuomo's COVID-19 emergency powers.

Listen to Senator O'Mara's June 8, 2021 interview with WHCU's Joe Salzone. 

On Tuesday morning, Senator O'Mara discusses what's in store this week as the State Legislature closes its regular session, how this year's session has been impacted by scandals surrounding the Cuomo administration, and the need to immediately end the governor's COVID-19 emergency powers to restore legislative checks and balances and local decision-making. 

Listen HERE.