Hudson Valley Senator Rejects Governor’s Health Care Cuts

Thomas P. Morahan

March 15, 2007

New York State Senator Thomas P. Morahanannounced that Senate Republicans have rejected massive health care cuts proposed by Governor Spitzer in his Executive Budget that would have taken more than $1.2 billion from hospitals and nursing homes across the State. In Morahan's district, which includes Rockland County and a portion of Orange County, hospitals and nursing homes would lose over $ 9 million in cuts, and the loss of funding would trigger additional federal cuts to hospitals.

"I will not jeopardize health care, cut caregivers and threaten patient services and programs. The Senate Majority is putting patients first by taking a stand to protect people’s access to quality health care," said Morahan.

Proposed State cuts to Hospitals in Morahan's district:

Good Samaritan Hospital of Suffern $ 1,140,000

Helen Hayes Hospital $ 1,293,000

St. Anthony Community Hospital $ 428,000

Summit Park Hospital Rockland County Infirmary $ 1,053,000

"The proposed state cuts to hospitals in my district, including a Rockland County facility will trigger $ 1.7 million in additional federal cuts," said Morahan. "These cuts not only adversely affect the quality of healthcare and health related services, but add an additional financial burden to localities."

Proposed State cuts to Nursing Homes in Morahan's district:

Friedwald House Health Related Facility $ 543,000

Hillcrest Nursing Home $ 416,000

Northern Manor Geriatric Center $ 872,000

Norther Metropolitan Residential Health Facility $ 359,000

Nyack Manor Nursing Home $ 474,000

Following the rejection of the Governor’s health care budget cuts, Morahan indicated that the Senate approved a health care budget resolution that includes a restoration of significant funding for Medicaid and health programs, including restoring funds for hospitals and nursing homes to ensure people’s access to care.

The Senate health care budget resolution will be submitted to budget conference committees as part of the public State budget negotiations.