Morahan Returns to Senate Floor

Thomas P. Morahan

April 08, 2010

Sen. Thomas Morahan, R-New City, Rockland County, was back in Albany Wednesday after a 41-day hospital stay, where he received chemotherapy treatments and blood transfusions to help fight leukemia.

During the session, Morahan received a standing ovation after he was introduced by Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, who said Morahan “looked as healthy as ever.”

The senator thanked everyone for their support and well wishes.

“I just want to say thank you to my colleagues and staff people, who through my illness were so kind to send cards and baskets of fruit—and I can take that, because it was from you guys,” Morahan said, drawing laughter from the crowd as he pointed to the Democrats across the aisle.

“Everybody has been wonderful. I really appreciate it, and I am happy to be back here today.”

After session, Morahan said he was feeling fine and was glad to be back at the Capitol. He said he was able to keep up on his legislative duties while he was away.

“I feel good,” he told Gannett’s Jon Campbell. “I really haven’t been out of the loop. In today’s day and age, I was able to have daily communication with my staff be telephone and e-mail, and they gave me memos on my committees.”

Morahan was stopped and embraced by several of his Senate colleagues as he left the Senate chambers, including Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson, D-Mt. Vernon, Westchester County, and Sen. Kevin Parker, D-Brooklyn.

The budget talks, however, are not moving at a speed of Morahan’s liking, he said.
“I’m a little disappointed with the budget talks,” he said. “They’re not moving as fast as they should be, and we’re already a week late.”

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