Senate Passes Death Penalty Bill For The Murder Of Police, Peace Or Corrections Officer

Thomas P. Morahan

May 20, 2007

New York State Senator Thomas P. Morahanannounced New York State Senate passage of legislation that would establish the death penalty for criminals who kill police officers. The Senate action coincided with National Police Week (May 13-19, 2007.)

"Too many law enforcement officers are being killed while honoring their commitment to protect and serve this state -- and many more are injured and wounded in the line of duty. We can no longer sit back and watch ruthless murderers take the lives of police officers. New York needs the death penalty to protect our society and our police officers," said Senator Morahan, who presided over the Senate session death penalty debate. Senator Morahan's father-in-law, a NYC Police Officer, was killed in the line of duty.

The legislation the Senate acted upon (S.319) would establish the death penalty for the intentional murder of a police officer, peace officer or an employee of the Department of Correctional Services.