Senator Morahan: State Senate To Convene July 16

Thomas P. Morahan

July 11, 2007

New York State Senator Thomas P. Morahan today announced that the New York State Senate will convene a special session on Monday, July 16 to deal with the real unfinished business and address the priorities that truly matter to New Yorkers, including increased property tax relief, job creation and economic development, and the death penalty for criminals who kill police officers. The Senate will also act on a congestion pricing bill for New York City.

"We are reconvening on July 16 to continue to work on issues that truly matter to the people of this state, including property tax relief, job creation and public safety," Senator Morahan said.


The Senate will be taking up a bill to provide an additional $200 million increase in senior property tax rebate checks this fall. The much-needed property tax relief for seniors was pulled out of the Budget by the Executive earlier this year.

In addition to doubling senior property tax rebates this year, the bill to be taken up Monday would, beginning in 2008, remove the complicated application process and means tests that threaten to create havoc this year.


Also as part of the special session, the Senate will be advancing a series of measures to provide a multi-year, economic development investment plan that, coupled with the Senate’s Upstate Now plan, would help revitalize the state’s economy, particularly in upstate.


The Senate will also act on criminal justice legislation, including taking up

a bill to expand the State’s DNA databank to enhance the efforts of law enforcement personnel in identifying and apprehending dangerous criminals. The bill is similar to the Governor’s program bill already approved this year by the Senate but reflects changes made during the Conference Committee process in a continued effort to achieve a result.

In light of near daily violence against the men and women of our State and local police, the Senate will once again be taking up a bill that ensures that those individuals who kill a police officer are eligible to receive the death penalty.


In addition, the Senate will take up a congestion pricing bill desired by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others.