State Senate Passes HAVA Legislation

Thomas P. Morahan

April 06, 2005


“This legislation satisfies the 5 percent matching fund requirement to trigger $153 million in Title III money under HAVA. Voters, for the first time, who believe there has been a violation of HAVA, will be able to file a formal complaint with the State Board of Elections. This legislation also provides for a statewide voter registration list will be established for the first time,” said Senator Morahan.

The Senate will act today on the following measures that were agreed to with the Assembly and introduced in both houses:

Statewide Voter Registration List (S. 3604)




Under this legislation, any person who believes that there is a violation of the Help America Vote Act may file a complaint. The complaint can be made in person, by telephone or in writing to the local Board or State Board of Elections. Upon a written request a hearing will be conducted by members of the staff of the State Board of Elections who will issue a final determination within ninety days of the date of the complaint. The bill in no way impairs or supersedes the right of an aggrieved party to seek a judicial remedy.

In addition to the agreed-upon bills, the Senate will act on the following legislation:

5 Percent Matching Funds (S.3686)


The Help America Vote Act of 2002 is Congress’s deliberate, thoughtful and overwhelmingly bipartisan reaction to the electoral problems exposed by the presidential election of 2000. This landmark legislation provides for a national expenditure of up to $3.9 billion for administrative improvements, including new voter registration system.

The bills were sent to the Assembly.