Swine Flu Resources - Sen. Stavisky attends swine flu briefing at St. Francis Prep

Toby Ann Stavisky

May 06, 2009

Senator Toby Ann Stavisky, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith and other Queens elected officials attended a briefing at St. Francis Prep with Principal Brother Leonard Conway and officials from the New York State Department of Health regarding the recent cluster of H1N1 (swine) flu cases at the school.  The principal and the Department of Health reassured the elected officials that St. Francis Prep has taken all appropriate measures, thoroughly cleaning the school building and filtering and replacing the air inside.

As news reports about swine flu become more prevalent, it is important to understand the disease and know the latest information. Below are links to leading health websites providing the most up-to-date information about this disease.

In the meantime, it is important to remember that the most effective way to fight any disease is through prevention. Basic prevention strategies include:

  • Washing your hands often with soap and warm water. Alcohol-based hand cleansers are also effective.
  • Avoiding people who are ill.
  • Staying home from work or school if you are sick.
  • Using tissue when you cough, sneeze or spit, and dispose of the tissue in a covered trash bin.
  • Keeping hands away from your face, Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Cleaning shared space more often such as phone receivers, keyboards, steering wheels and office equipment.
  • Refraining from sharing personal items such as forks, spoons, toothbrushes and towels.


Swine Flu Hotline: 1-800-808-1987

Swine Flu Resources:

New York State Department of Health:

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene:

World Health Organization:

Centers for Disease Control:

To view the most recent Swine Flu (H1N1 Influenza A) update from the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance and the NYS Department of health, please click the file below.

More Information:

PDF icon DOH Swine Flu Outbreak Release