Kaminsky speaks to VICE about banning teachers from carrying guns

Tess Owens for VICE

January 28, 2019

(AP Photo/Mike Groll)

New York lawmakers are hoping to close the state’s loophole that gives school districts broad authority to arm teachers.

If Senate Bill 101A passes, New York would join the small handful of states – which includes California, North Dakota and Tennessee (with some local exceptions) — that have laws explicitly banning teachers or school staff from being armed at schools. The bill is headed to the floor for consideration by the full Senate on Tuesday.

“The response to school shootings has been to arm teachers. I think that’s the exact opposite approach we should be taking,” state Sen. Todd Kaminsky, the Nassau County Democrat who sponsored the bill, told VICE News. “We can’t turn our whole society into an armed camp. I think that’s misguided.”

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