Call to Action

Velmanette Montgomery

July 18, 2008

To:                   Criminal Justice Advocates

From:               Senator Velmanette Montgomery

Re:                   Request for your support for legislation

Date:               July 18, 2008 

I am writing to request you support on behalf of my legislation, which is currently before the Governor for consideration.

[ One bill (S.7723/A.10703) takes steps to ensure that formerly incarcerated individuals are not systematically denied barbering and cosmetology licenses based solely on their prior criminal convictions. As you may recall, this bill passed both the Senate and Assembly last year, but was vetoed by former Governor Spitzer.

[ Another important piece of legislation (S.6731/A.9727), restores discretion to the Board of Parole to discharge any person from parole supervision.  (I am a sponsor of this bill with Senator Dale Volker.) The Board of Parole had this authority up until 1998 when it was taken away by the Pataki administration.  The bill is currently on the Governor's desk. Your Immediate Action Is Required.

Please contact Governor David Paterson as soon as possible to express your support for this legislation and to urge him to sign the bills into law. The Governor’s contact information is:

Governor David A. Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224
Phone: 518-474-8390
Fax: 518-474-1513

Email (via the Governor’s website):

Thank you.