New Laws Strengthen Crime Victim Protections In The State

Originally published in WXHC on August 22, 2019.

Governor Cuomo yesterday (August 21) signed legislation that strengthens the protections for crime victims in New York and ensures them a way to seek ample compensation for their victimization.

Specifically, the three-fold package does so for victims of domestic violence who have orders of protection violated (S.1868/A.5614), victims of non-physical unlawful surveillance crimes (S.6167/A.7079) and children who witness a crime (S.6353/A.7051).

“New York was one of the first states to provide compensation to crime victims and these new measures will create even greater protections for those who have suffered horrific traumas but who were not physically injured themselves,” Governor Cuomo said. “By expanding the eligibility for victim compensation, we are ensuring even more crime victims are reimbursed for expenses incurred while fighting their abusers and have the assistance needed to support their recovery.

Senator Velmanette Montgomery said, “It is extremely traumatic for children to witness crime, especially violent crime in their homes and communities. These experiences negatively impact their safety, their health, their school performance and funnels them into the prison pipeline. I thank Governor Cuomo for signing my bill to provide child witnesses access to resources that can help them process what they experienced and reduce the risk of losing years of opportunity.”

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