Vanguard Calls for Education Evolution

Originally published in Our Time Press on June 02, 2018.

The Vanguard Independent Democratic Association (VIDA) of Brooklyn started a revolution in the New York City public school system 45 years ago. Today, the organization is raising a loud, strong and clear voice again for community empowerment:  a call for “an evolution” of the current system to meet 21st century needs of students and schools.

Last Monday, District Leader Annette M. Robinson, VIDA Executive Board Member and other VIDA members  held a rally on the steps of City Hall to call on Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza to address School District 16 concerns: the staggering  loss of 7, 145 (59%) students to schools outside the district due to low-performing schools; lack of resources  based on need and insufficient focus on students’ success.  Seventeen percent of the current school population is homeless; 41% are chronically absent; 58% of IEPs and only 45% graduate.

“From Boys and Girls High School to the alternative education programs at Old Boys High School and our transfer schools, our children have proven to us time and time again how they can succeed when given the resources they need,” said state Senator Velmanette Montgomery in a statement. “All schools deserve equal access to the resources they need to help their students thrive, regardless of the communities they serve or the composition of the student population.

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