Budget Reform Constitutional Amendment And Transportation Bond Act To Be On The November 8th Ballot

William T. Stachowski

October 19, 2005

On Election Day, November 8th, citizens across the entire state will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on two very important public policy decisions that will profoundly impact the way the State of New York provides funding for our roadways, as well as the way State Budgets are crafted, deliberated and voted upon.

The Budget Reform Constitutional Amendment will give the State Legislature back the authority in the budget process that was taken away by an activist New York State Court of Appeals. Understandably, the Governor does not support this amendment as it would redirect some gubernatorial power, and would create a more fair and equitable balance within the state’s budget-making process. The proposed changes will open up New York's budget process, ensure better taxpayer accountability and ensure that a state budget will always be in place. This package is much better than New York's current dysfunctional budget process, and why it is imperative that you vote "Yes" for the Budget Reform Constitutional Amendment.

Additionally, There is also a proposition on the November ballot for a Transportation Bond Act. It has been necessitated by dramatically decreased revenue from Washington which has been made worse by additional cuts due to Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Upstate and Western New York will dramatically suffer if the Transportation Bond Act is not passed, as funding will be significantly cut and projects severely curtailed due to funding limitations. Helping to provide expanded public transportation service, congestion relief, and safe roads for all New Yorkers is an absolute necessity for our region. The Transportation Bond Act includes projects that touch every corner of the state, especially in Western New York, that will improve safety of our roadways, while creating jobs and protecting the environment. Voting "Yes" for the Transportation Bond Act is a pivotal part of western New York’s resurgence and an imperative component of our region’s commitment to improving the quality of life for our residents and business community.

I urge all New Yorkers to vote "YES" for both propositions that will be on the November 8th ballot.