Senator Dale M. Volker Announces Senate Passage Of School Based Health Services

William T. Stachowski

February 16, 2005

(Albany, NY) Senator Dale M. Volker (R-I-C, Depew) today announced that the New York State Senate passed legislation (S.21) that would provide improved and expanded school health services for preschool and school-age children. This legislation unanimously passed in the State Senate and will be forwarded to the State Assembly for their immediate action.

"Years ago, former Deputy Assembly Speaker Arthur O. Eve and I came together and drafted legislation that would assist our young people, who often times live in poverty, with their health needs in order for them to be better prepared to learn and excel in their primary education," said Senator Dale M. Volker. "This program has been a tremendous success and has been used as a model by school districts throughout the State of New York. Our children need to be healthy, especially during their informative years of learning, so as to be able to reach their God-given potential. I am please to continue to sponsor this legislation in the Senate and will work with my fellow legislative colleagues in the State Assembly to pass this bill in an expedited manner."

This legislation has been proven to be a tremendous success for our young people. It has been established beyond a doubt the necessity and cost efficiency of school based health, and this bill has served as a model for the Health Department to implement their school based prevention program. In addition, this bill allows for the expanded practice of nursing in a controlled setting and should be maintained.