Senator Dale M. Volker Secures $10,000 For The Warren Drive Park In The Town Of Aurora

William T. Stachowski

September 22, 2005

(Albany, NY) Senator Dale M. Volker (R-I-C, Depew) today announced that he has secured $10,000 for the Town of Aurora to assist them with the town’s upgrade and renovation project for the Warren Drive Park. Senator Volker secured this $10,000 grant within the adopted 2005-2006 New York State Budget.

"The Town of Aurora, parents, grandparents, our children and many within the community have advocated for the upgrade and renovation for the Warren Drive park. The park is heavily utilized by families and the community at-large, and the need to ensure that the most up-to-date standards and safety features, within a realistic budget, was necessary." said Senator Volker. "I cannot overemphasize the commitment and dedication that the Town Board and Supervisor Yarnall have shown to bring this project to fruition. I am so pleased to have secured $10,000 in order to help bring the Warren Park upgrade and renovation project become a reality."

Terence Yarnall, "The current playground has served our children and community well many years, and the time has come to make upgrades to it so that all of our children and their families, including those with some physical challenges, can enjoy playing with their peers. I am very proud of the enormous effort and support of our town residents and Town Board to improve the Warren Drive Park in order to have the park be as fun as possible--and safe as possible. Senator Volker securing $10,000 in state funds is an enormous shot in the arm to have this new playground up and running and we are indeed appreciative of all of his efforts to secure these funds."

Senator Volker said, "Although sometimes overlooked, parks and playgrounds play a instrumental role in our children's futures. By being active and socializing with their fellow peers, they learn life lessons that will have lasting benefits for them as they enter adulthood. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in this major undertaking for all of their efforts to bringing the Warren Park Drive upgrade and renovation project to fruition and I look forward to its opening."