Senator Dale M. Volker Secures $15,000 In State Funds For Wyoming County Sheriff's Department

William T. Stachowski

July 19, 2005

Senator Dale M. Volker (R-C-I, Depew) today announced that he has secured $15,000 for the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department. This state grant will assist in the funding for a "Youth Officer" position with the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office. The "Youth Officer" position will act as a liaison between the youth of Wyoming County and the legal system. Senator Volker secured these state funds as part of the adopted 2005-2006 State Budget.

"Adolescence is always a pivotal time in a young persons life. It is a time when some poor decisions can be made and impact their lives forever" said Senator Dale M. Volker. "That is why the idea of having a "Youth Officer", who will work with our young people to make smart choices and lead productive lives, is so very important. We must continue to make every effort at a very young age to instill in our young people the benefits of studying hard, knowing the difference of what is right and what is wrong, and respecting the laws of our state and nation. I would like to commend the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors and the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department for implementing innovative programs to assist our children as well as protect our communities."

A.D. Berwanger, Chairman of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors said, "No one likes to see young people in contact with the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, bright futures can be dampened early in life when bad choices are made. I firmly believe that a "Youth Officer," who will act as a liaison between Wyoming County young people and the legal system, can protect their futures and make our communities safer. We must continue to work with our children and show them creative outlets instead of destructive habits. I would like to thank Senator Volker for securing $15,000 in state funds. His continued support to Wyoming County, The Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department and the young people of our region is greatly appreciated."