Senator Dale M. Volker Secures $20,000 For Angel Action Located In Wyoming County

William T. Stachowski

December 02, 2005

(DEPEW, N.Y.) – Senator Dale M. Volker today announced that he has secured $20,000 in state funds for Angel Action--A volunteer program of Community Action for Wyoming County. Angel Action is a grassroots organization founded by Pat Standish to benefit everyone needing assistance including the "working poor". Pat Standish started Angel Action after she herself was assisted by Community Action years ago. Knowing that there was a need, she started this program out of her home in 1999. Since then, Angel Action became part of Community Action, it has grown and now is into 23 counties statewide.

"Angel Action has been a tremendous asset for those who from time to time find themselves struggling to provide for themselves and their families," said Senator Dale M. Volker. "I firmly believe that Angel Action is an inspiration to us all and we must continue to be vigilant in providing help and assistance to those in need. I am pleased to have been able to secure $20,000 so that Angel Action may be implemented in more counties throughout our state."

Pat Standish, Founder and Volunteer Community Relations Coordinator for Angel Action in Wyoming County said, "Unfortunately, many in our communities who are disadvantaged and are having difficulty don’t realize that there are organizations and agencies out there who want to be helpful during troubling times in their lives. Angel Action, and the hundreds of volunteers, do our best to make sure that the various services that we provide are appropriately matched up with those individuals and their families who are in need. I just would like to thank Senator Volker for his commitment to our organization and the services we provide in securing this $20,000 state grant."

A.D. Berwanger, Chairman of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors said, "It takes remarkable people to donate their time and volunteer their services to help others during times of need. The outpouring of support from our residents to be part of Angel Action is indicative of the quality and character of our residents and I am extremely grateful for their commitment to taking care of others when they need it the most. Senator Volker securing $20,000 in state funds will make an immediate and positive impact to those throughout our state who are having difficulties and challenges."

Because Angel Action is funded by donations from the community, they are able to reach out and help many people that would normally go without assistance. Every dollar raised goes directly to help people in need. This organization has over 450 Action Angel volunteers of all ages. Angel Action was founded on the "Circle of Giving". The belief is that when and if you have been helped, you "give back" in various ways to help others. Programs that have been started include: Adopt a Family Christmas, Angel Food for Families, Coat Giveaways, Angels in Nursing Homes, and United Schools in Action. Pat believes that in volunteering their time as youths in the United Schools program, there will be a desire to continue their service to communities in the future.