Senator Dale M. Volker Secures $45,000 For The Town Of Bennington

William T. Stachowski

September 27, 2005

(Albany, NY) Senator Dale M. Volker (R-I-C, Depew) today announced that he has secured $45,000 for the Town of Bennington within the adopted 2005-2006 New York State Budget. This state grant will be used to alleviate the severe stream bank, road shoulder erosion that is occurring on Schoellkopf Road along Cayuga Creek.

"The need to ensure that the driving public have safe and dependable roadways must always be a priority and I appreciate and share Supervisor Jensen’s concern to repair this portion of roadway located in the Town of Bennington in a timely manner," said Senator Dale M. Volker. "It is better to be proactive in repairing this portion of roadway sooner rather than later, and it is my hope that these state funds can be utilized to expedite the completion of this stabilization project on Schoellkopf Road."

Rick Jensen, Supervisor of the Town of Bennington said, "This is extremely good news for our town in order to stabilize this section of roadway that stretches along Cayuga Creek. Our town highway department has the expertise to complete this project and the only thing that was holding us back was the need for minimal engineering support and some rental equipment. Senator Volker securing these funds will allow us to move forward to complete this project and ensure that this stretch of our roadway system remain safe and sound for the driving public."

Douglas Berwanger, Chairman of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors said, "Senator Volker has been extremely helpful in securing additional state transportation dollars to complement the county’s commitment in maintaining our county roads. These additional state funds will expedite the stabilization of this portion of roadway and protect Wyoming County taxpayers at the same time."