Senator Dale M. Volker Secures $75,000 For The Village Of Orchard Park

William T. Stachowski

August 31, 2006

(Albany, NY and Depew, NY) Senator Dale M. Volker (R-I-C, Depew) today announced that he has secured $75,000 for the Village of Orchard Park in order to address severe flooding and drainage problems impacting this community. Senator Volker secured these funds as part of the adopted 2006-2007 State Budget.

"Working with Village of Orchard Park John Wilson and the Town Board, it is clear that the Village continues to deal with significant flooding during periods of heavy rain, culminating is residential neighborhoods being damaged due to deficiencies in this municipal drainage system," said Senator Dale M. Volker. "We need to get our arms around this problem and this $75,000 state grant will allow the Village of Orchard Park to get expert advice and recommendations to address this recurrent problem."

Mayor John Wilson from the Village of Orchard Park said, "In recent years, the Highland Avenue, Woodview-Woodview Court section of the Village of Orchard Park has experienced substantial flooding during periods of heavy rain. Not only are property owners having to deal with the cosmetic damage to their homes, but their heating, electrical and plumbing systems are also being damaged and costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Senator Volker securing this $75,000 grant will provide our village with the information we need to address the deficiencies in our drainage system, factors causing the flooding and develop a cost effective plan to resolve the residential flooding threat in this area."

John J. Mills, Erie County Legislator said, "Anyone who has had a flooded basement knows the devastating damage that can occur to their home. We can’t control mother nature. However, we can better control the flow of water, and address pavement deterioration, drainage inadequacies and capacity issues. This $75,000 state grant is an important step forward towards addressing the flooding problem in the Village of Orchard Park and mitigating this troublesome and disturbing pattern."