Senator Dale M. Volker Secures $750,000 For Steuben Foods Facility Expansion In Elma

William T. Stachowski

December 01, 2005

(DEPEW, N.Y.) – Senator Dale M. Volker today announced that he has secured $750,000 in state economic development funds to assist Steuben Foods plans to begin a major expansion of its Elma plant next year. This important infusion of financial resources is a pivotal step for Steuben Foods to remain the leader in the fast-growing U.S. market for high-tech manufacturing of foods and beverages.

The $18 million project, the first of a planned two-phase expansion, will feature construction of new organic milk and soybean processing facilities, new aseptic Tetra Pak filling lines, and additional production, warehouse, and office space. Steuben Foods processes and packages aseptic and extended shelf life pudding, yogurt, milk, soy, broths, and other high-quality products for global and regional brand food companies. The Elma plant is already one of the largest and most sophisticated ultrapasteurized and aseptic food and dairy plants in the United States. Steuben Foods expects the first phase expansion will stabilize the plant’s work force of more than 300 employees and provide the foundation for additional plant investment and job growth in the second phase over the next several years.

"I would like to thank Steuben Foods for their commitment in expanding their facility in Elma, which will sustain current employment levels and expand job opportunities in the near future for our western New York residents," said Senator Dale M. Volker. "It is imperative that the State of New York invests in those companies that are fine corporate citizens who are committed to our western New York region and the people who live here, and I am pleased to have been able to assist in securing state funds to bring this project to fruition. It is my strong belief that we must continue to work collaboratively with our private sector so that they can compete and succeed in a very challenging world economy. This expansion in Elma will allow them to remain on top of their game and provide economic opportunities for our residents."

"This project will benefit our employees, customers, suppliers, the Elma community, and the Western New York economy," Steuben Food’s President Kenneth Schlossberg said. "Steuben Foods is creating a state-of-the-art food and beverage production facility that will make us highly competitive in our industry for years to come. We're eager to move forward and very confident of a great future in Elma. Senator Volker has been an important supporter of Steuben Foods for many years, and we thank him for his faith in us and recognition of our potential for continued growth."

Michael Nolan, Supervisor of the Town of Elma said, "We are extremely pleased that Steuben Foods has decided to make a significant financial investment to expand their facility here is Elma and we look forward to working with them to ensure their continued success. Steuben Foods announcement lays down the foundation for enhance economic opportunities for the Elma community and will benefit the entire western New York region.

Steuben Foods' manufacturing plant is located in Elma, N.Y. Steuben Foods employs more than 300 people in the Elma facility, many in high-skill technical positions, and also contributes to Western New York employment in the farm, dairy, and transportation industries."