Senator Dale M. Volker Statement And Assemblyman Paul Tokasz Statement On Nys Comptrollers Audit Of Erie County Finances

William T. Stachowski

June 06, 2005

(Albany, NY) "First, we would like to thank New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi and his staff for their efforts in getting a fix on the deficit number facing the Erie County Executive, the members of the Erie County Legislature, and most importantly--the residents of Erie County."

Senator Dale M. Volker said, "Now that we have a definitive picture of Erie County’s financial dilemma, as well as recommendations by the New York State Comptroller indicating his inclination for a Control Board scenario for Erie County, we must now act swiftly and responsibly to protect Erie County taxpayers from further uncertainty. The key now is to stabilize county finances and protect those services that many of our residents depend upon."

Assembly Majority Leader Paul Tokasz said, "Unfortunately the community has been dealt another black eye with this on going fiscal crisis. While a county control board was not the solution I would have chosen, I accept that there is an obvious lack of local leadership necessary to end this fiscal crisis. I therefore support he recommendation of State Comptroller Hevesi that a fiscal stability board be created for Erie County."

"Assembly Majority Leader Paul Tokasz and I will now work with the Governor’s office to find common ground to correct Erie County’s structural deficit. This could mean a Control Board, a Supervisory Oversight Board, or some combination of the two. One thing is certain--it is evident that the County Executive and the County Legislature currently lack the leadership to move this county forward and will need some direction and guidance to govern Erie County out of this financial debacle."