Senator Dale M. Volker's Codes Committee Reports Out 18 Criminal Justice Bills Combatting Sexual Assault

William T. Stachowski

January 10, 2006

(DEPEW, N.Y.) – Senator Dale M. Volker today announced that the Senate Committee on Codes, in which he is the Chairman, has reported out 18 criminal justice bills (see attachment) to aggressively address the ongoing scourge of sexual assaults against women, men and children in the State of New York. Many of these bills have passed overwhelmingly, in a bi-partisian manner, in the State Senate year-after-year; yet no action in the Democratic-controlled State Assembly has taken place.

"On a daily basis, we read in the newspapers, we see on the television, and we know from personal conversations amongst our friends and families, that the issue of sexual assaults within our state continues to destroy futures, ruin families, and perpetuates destructive behaviors," said Senator Dale M. Volker. "This must stop and I am going to do all that I can as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Codes, to forward and advocate for legislation that will stiffen penalties for those individuals who sexually assault and violently abuse our loved ones. The status quo is not an option. We must take action immediately and pass legislation that will have an immediate impact in protecting our wives, our daughters, our sons and our significant others. Annually, the State Senate has passed these common sense criminal justice bills stiffening the penalties against sexual offenders, and those who engage in sexual assault. Unfortunately, no action in the State Assembly has occurred. It is time that the leaders in the State Assembly lets the entire body of the State Assembly vote on these bills."

The Senate Committee on Codes is responsible for formulating criminal justice policies for the State Senate Majority.


Senate Standing Committee on Codes
Senator Dale M. Volker, Chair
12Noon, Monday, January 9, 2006
Room 433-A CAP