Senator Stachowski Introduces Bill To Keep Casino Proceeds in City Of Buffalo

William T. Stachowski

May 13, 2008

State Senator Bill Stachowski (D 58th District) introduced a New York State Senate bill yesterday proposing that the city of Buffalo keep the local share of the Buffalo Creek Casino slot revenues. "The City of Buffalo will provide sewer, water and emergency services to the proposed Buffalo Creek casino and has been acknowledged by the Seneca Nation as the host municipality," stated Senator Stachowski. "Erie County on the other hand has expressed opposition to the facility in the past and has participated in three separate lawsuits against its construction."

The bill introduced by Senator Stachowski would amend two subdivisions of the state finance law entitling the City of Buffalo to be designated as the municipal government to receive the minimum twenty five percent of the state share of the tribe's electronic gaming devices. Stachowski's Bill would also add a new subdivision specifying that 3.5% of the total amount received by the City of Buffalo would be allocated for the development, preservation and expansion of cultural institutions and tourism resources.

"The revenues from the tribe's electronic gaming devices will be a great resource for a City that is fighting its way back to fiscal stability. The percentage that is designated for the cultural and tourism entities will also strengthen an area that is the fastest growing industry in the region," stated Stachowski.

"The City of Buffalo is working with the Senecas to make the Buffalo Creek Casino a reality. Erie County, on the other hand, has participated in lawsuits against the casino which have cost Buffalo nearly $400,000 to defend. The County's participation in these anti casino lawsuits should preclude it from receiving revenues as a "host community," claimed Senator Stachowski.

The bill was cosponsored in the New York State Assembly by Assemblymember Crystal Peoples (D 141st District).