Senator Volker Secures $20,000 For The Towns Of Elma-marilla-wales

William T. Stachowski

September 06, 2006

(ALBANY, N.Y.) Senator Dale M. Volker (R-C-I, Depew) announced today that he has secured $20,000 for the Town of Elma. These state funds will be utilized for new backstops and safety fences in front of dugouts at the Creek Road Park located in the Town of Elma.

"The Towns of Elma, Marilla and Wales have been innovative in their approach to regionalism and sharing services to protect taxpayers," said Senator Dale M. Volker. "These three towns have for over forty years worked together to provide recreational opportunities at the Creek Road Park. This $20,000 state grant will allow them to improve this park so that backstops and safety fences can be built to protect players and spectators. I congratulate the Towns of Elma, Marilla and Wales for their continued cooperation and a model for other municipalities to emulate."

Michael P. Nolan, Supervisor for the Town of Elma said, "This is tremendous news for our three towns and for those who enjoy the Creek Road Park. Our three municipalities have worked together for over forty years to ensure that all of our residents can enjoy the Creek Road Park, and the baseball fields that our municipalities share. This collaborative effort has allowed our residents to receive greater benefits at lower costs. Its smart government, and Senator Volker continues to be helpful in our efforts to use taxpayer dollars wisely and in a cost-efficient manner."

John Foss, Supervisor of the Town of Marilla stated, "Sharing services with the Towns of Elma and Wales saves all of our taxpayers money and ensures the efficient use of their dollars. We appreciate Senator Volker for securing this $20,000 state grant and allowing us to upgrade this recreational facility for all of our residents so that they can continue to enjoy outdoor activities at the Creek Road Park"

Rickey Vendetti, Supervisor of the Town of Wales said, "Our residents deserve a safe and enjoyable park. Making these upgrades to the Creek Road Park will make a tremendous positive impact for those who utilize the ball fields and better improve the overall safety of residents using this park. Senator Volker continues to be a strong supporter of shared services by municipal governments in order to save taxpayers money, and this $20,000 grant builds upon his commitment of reducing costs and improving services."