State Senate To Hold Public Hearing On Hospital Closings In Western New York

William T. Stachowski

December 07, 2006

MONDAY, DECEMBER 11TH at 10:00 AM, Senator Dale M. Volker will commence a public hearing, Chaired by Senator Kemp Hannon of the Senate Committee on Health, on the recommendations by the Commission on Health Care Facilities of the 21st Century. The Public Hearing will take place at the University at Buffalo’s Center for Tomorrow (North Campus).

This will be a public hearing that encourges public participation and input. The public will have the opportunity to submit written testimony that will be incorporated within the official record. Speakers will be by invite only. All Media Outlets are welcomed to attend. Event will take place punctually.


10:00 AM-2:00 PM University at Buffalo Center for Tomorrow (North Campus)


Senator Dale M. Volker, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Criminal and Civil Codes

Senator Kemp Hannon, Chairman of the Senate Health Committee

Senator Mary Lou Rath

Senator George Maziarz

Senator Catherine Young

Senator William Stachowski

Senator Mark Coppola

Senate-Elect Antoine Thompson

Assemblyman Jack Quinn